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If I Was 20 Again

January 4, 2019


In my twenties I had more zeal than Hercules had muscle. As a new Christian in my 20’s, and in prison I had vision. Those precious days of being on my knees before God in my prison cell now seem like a distant memory. One of the things that I wish I could get back is the time to ask more questions.

From a prison yard I had dreams to evangelize the whole world. I call it passion without a harness. It’s this kind of passion that the Lord calls us to use for His glory.

There were times in my 20’s that my passion actually became a hindrance. I say this because in my 20’s I could not yet discern the difference of passion from wisdom. What I needed to embrace in my 20’s was the wealth of wisdom that I did not yet fully understand.

Today, I’m in my mid 30’s. Knowing that I have not arrived i am now asking more questions. I’ve come to a place where I’ve had to cultivate passion, & steward curiosity.

Asking questions will always position you as a student verses a master. If I could do it all over again I would master curiosity.

In a way I’m behind in this area, but it’s never too late to do today what you wish you would have done earlier. 


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January 4, 2019

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