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Out Small Your Way To Preaching Better

November 24, 2015


After preaching thousands of sermons and communicating to thousands of people I've concluded that it's not that hard to get better at your craft. 


I know countless pastors and leaders who at times are frustrated with their current preaching situation. I don't think it's necessarily the big changes that we make in our preaching that makes the difference - it's the small steps. In fact, I believe game changing preaching happens when we see our journey of becoming better communicators through the lense of thinking small.



1.  Think less of you. I think we take ourselves too seriously. Much of the pressure we put on ourselves comes from thinking too much of ourselves. Next time you get ready to communicate posture your heart by saying, "Today I get an opportunity to serve people by presenting the life changing message of Jesus." I'm convinced the more aware we are of God's presence rather than our imperfection the more impactful we will be.



2. Take people somewhere. In preaching we are always taking people on a journey somewhere. Hopefully, after preaching our end goal is life transformation. We actually want people to apply what they've heard. Sometimes, half the battle is actually asking yourself questions, "what do I want my audience to do?" This question alone with help you craft better messages. If you can answer where you're taking your audience then you can simply work backwards all the way to square one.



3. Invest in you. We spend lots of time preparing for a message. Often times, we forget about the "me" in the "messages" we preach. What's your plan for growth? How are you getting better? It's true that we are simply vessels in the hands of an Almighty God. In addition to that, God desires that we steward the gift of preaching by getting better. One simple way you and I can better is by watching other pastors and leaders. The next time you listen to a message ask yourself, "What do I like about this person?" "Why?" "What is compelling about how this person communicates?" "Why?" "In what way can I implement this strength in my life."


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